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Fighting for Victims of All Types of Rideshare Accidents

As more and more people turn to Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare apps for easy, convenient, and cost-effective transportation, the total number of these rideshare drivers on our nation’s roads has dramatically increased. Unfortunately, the more vehicles there are on the road, the greater your chances of being involved in an accident.

If you or someone you care about was involved in a collision with a rideshare vehicle, whether as the passenger of the rideshare or as a third party, you have options for financial recovery. At Goff Law Group - West Hartford, our Hartford Uber and Lyft accident attorneys are well-versed in this relatively new and complex area of law; we understand rideshare insurance coverage policies and how to pursue the maximum compensation you are owed for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Don’t trust just anyone with an Uber or Lyft accident case. We’ve got the expertise and flexibility to keep up with this ever changing practice area and get you the compensation you deserve.

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What Coverage Is Available for Victims of Uber & Lyft Accidents?

Most rideshare companies, including Uber and Lyft, do not classify their drivers as “employees”; instead, drivers are considered to be independent contractors. This classification releases the rideshare companies from liability in many different circumstances. However, both Uber and Lyft, as well as several other rideshare companies, still offer bodily injury coverage for victims of accidents caused by their drivers.

The exact amount of coverage available in any given case will depend on the circumstances involved in the accident. Specifically, it will depend on whether the rideshare driver had the app turned on and whether he or she was transporting a passenger at the time of the collision.

Uber and Lyft offer the following coverage in the following situations:

  • No Coverage: If the Uber/Lyft driver does not have the app turned on, Uber and Lyft do not cover any damages caused by that driver. If you are involved in an accident with a rideshare driver who does not have the app turned on at the time of the collision, you may seek compensation by filing a normal car accident claim against the at-fault driver’s personal auto insurance provider.
  • Up to $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident in bodily injury: When the rideshare driver has the app turned on but has not yet accepted a ride, Uber and Lyft will cover up to $50,000 per person and up to $100,000 total per accident in bodily injury. If you were hit in your own vehicle by an Uber or Lyft driver who had the app on but did not have a passenger, this coverage may apply.
  • Up to $25,000 in property damage: This coverage also applies when the Uber/Lyft driver has the app turned on but has not accepted a ride. If the rideshare driver is responsible for the accident, in addition to the above-mentioned bodily injury coverage, Uber/Lyft will pay out up to $25,000 for property damage.
  • $1 Million: When the Uber or Lyft driver has the app turned on and has accepted a ride, Uber and Lyft will cover up to $1 million in damages for an accident caused by the rideshare driver. This includes any period of time in which the driver has accepted a ride and is on the way to pick up the passenger or has the passenger in the vehicle until drop-off.

One important thing to note about this coverage is that both Uber and Lyft’s coverage will only kick in once the at-fault rideshare driver’s own insurance coverage has been exhausted. Therefore, you will need to seek compensation first through the driver’s auto insurance then, if the coverage is not sufficient, you may seek compensation through the coverage offered by Uber/Lyft.

Work with the Experienced Attorneys at Goff Law Group

Uber and Lyft accident claims tend to be very complex. It’s a good idea to work with a knowledgeable car accident lawyer who has experience handling rideshare-related accident claims. At Goff Law Group, we have a 99% success rate in personal injury cases; our legal team can help you understand all of your available options and build a solid case on your behalf. Our goal is to recover the maximum compensation you are owed for your damages so that you can focus on healing and moving forward with your life.

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As new technologies continue to gain foothold in Connecticut, it's imperative that attorneys throughout the state remain abreast of these digital trends. Thankfully, the team at Goff Law Group is constantly standing by to provide contemporary counsel. If you were recently the victim of a rideshare accident, we urge you to schedule a preliminary consultation with our Lyft and Uber accident attorney. We've handled these cases in the past, and are proud to offer up-to-date representation to suit your precise circumstances.

All you have to do is contact one of our certified representatives to request a meeting with our team. The staff members at Goff Law Group are proud to assist clients throughout the state of Connecticut.

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