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How it started.

with Attorney Brooke Goff

Firstly, I come from a long line of amateur amazing bakers. My nana was the baking and cooking queen. Having 9 children on a very limited budget forces you to get creative and learn how to cook for your family. My nana- who passed away 4 years ago- passed this trait to my mother and she has passed it on to myself and my sister. I have always loved to bake but finding time to do it was always a challenge.

Along came Covid-19. We were all under lockdown, myself, my wife, and our 7 year old son, for months. The amount of work the school provided was about 1 hour per day and we were determined to supplement that schedule, mainly because our jobs as lawyers did not stop through the pandemic. One of the “extracurricular classes” I created was a home economics type class where I would teach him how to bake. One morning I had scheduled a Facebook Live with my out of control hair and makeupless face to teach an educational topic to my subscribers having to do with personal injury law. I was running late and I ended up starting the baking about 30 minutes behind schedule. I was making my staple “s’mores cookies” when I had an epiphany - “Brooke, you did not have to be late you could have done both - teach your subscribers about the law and show off those hella amateur baking skills.” I then wanted to find a catchy name- I was in the kitchen and I saw the enormous concentration of wine collected from our summer Napa trip in the butlers pantry- epiphany number 2- it should be called Bake and Sip!” I will go on, show off my amateur baking skills, share my wine recommendations, and talk about personal injury law.” From there “Bake and Sip with Attorney Brooke Goff” was born.

In the 4 years since I have been doing this we have picked up just about 15,000 followers and I have moved away from the covid home cell phone and transferred over to a professional film crew that comes to my home and shoots weekly live across our social media platforms. We have had signature Goff Law Group Hedley and Bennett aprons made with our logo as well as spatulas for giveaways and more excitingly- we hand out 1 KitchenAid stand mixer to a viewer of our segment each week. We bake your recipes, we share our tips, and we have a great time! As the need for wine has dwindled since the pandemic has ended- we have now assigned a new name to our weekly segments.

Meet “Brooke’s Bites.”

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