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Workers’ Compensation Hearings in Hartford

Our Attorneys Represent Injured Workers Throughout Connecticut

If your workers’ compensation claim was denied, that does not mean you do not have a valid case. Many workers’ compensation claims are mistakenly or wrongfully denied, but the good news is you can appeal this decision. If you wish to appeal a denied workers’ compensation claim, you will need to attend, at minimum, an informal hearing. You may also be required to attend formal hearings as part of the appeals process.

At Goff Law Group, we understand that not receiving your workers’ compensation benefits is stressful enough; having to attend a hearing to argue your case can be even more daunting. But, with extensive experience in the Connecticut workers’ compensation system, our attorneys are here to help. We can assist you in properly preparing for your hearing and, if necessary, can represent you at these hearings. We invite you to keep reading to learn more about the workers’ compensation appeals process in Connecticut, including how the hearings work, or contact us directly to discuss your situation with one of our Hartford workers’ compensation lawyers during a free consultation.

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Informal Workers’ Compensation Hearings

If your claim was denied or if you did not receive the full benefits you believe you are entitled to, the first step in resolving the dispute is requesting an informal hearing. Informal hearings are relatively short meetings with a Workers’ Compensation Commissioner in which you are permitted to bring evidence to support your workers’ compensation claim. Many workers’ compensation disputes are resolved during these informal hearings.

Pre-Formal Workers’ Compensation Hearings

If you are not able to resolve your dispute during the informal workers’ compensation hearing, you may then request a pre-formal workers’ compensation hearing. At the pre-formal hearing, you will be provided a time and date for a formal workers’ compensation hearing. It is a good idea to reach out to an attorney at this point, if you have not done so already.

Formal Workers’ Compensation Hearings

The next step in the appeals process is the formal workers’ compensation hearing. This is much like a trial, in that you or your attorney can submit evidence supporting your claim and call witnesses to provide testimony. The formal hearing is presided over by a Workers’ Compensation Commissioner and a formal record of the hearing is made. After you or your attorney has presented all applicable evidence and witness testimony, the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner will review all of the provided materials. He or she will then provide a written decision, either a “Finding and Award” or “Finding and Dismissal.” If you receive a Finding and Award, this means your appeal has been accepted and you will begin receiving your benefits. If, however, you receive a Finding and Dismissal, this means that the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner has rejected your appeal.

What Comes Next?

If your appeal is not accepted after the formal hearing, your next step in seeking benefits is to request a review of the Finding and Dismissal by the Compensation Review Board within 20 days of receiving your formal hearing decision. This board comprises two Workers’ Compensation Commissioners and the Workers’ Compensation Commission Chairman. The board will review the formal hearing decision and provide you with a ruling, but there is no additional hearing at this point.

If you wish to dispute the findings of the Compensation Review Board, your last step is requesting a review by the Connecticut Appeals Board or the Supreme Court. However, it is extremely rare that a case will be reviewed at this level.

How We Can Help

Attending any workers’ compensation hearing, whether it is informal or formal, can be intimidating. However, our Hartford workers’ compensation hearing attorneys are here to ease your stress by handling every aspect of pre-hearing preparation on your behalf. We are also equipped to represent you at the formal hearing, bringing evidence and providing witness testimony (if applicable) to support your claim. We know how to prepare this evidence in a way that supports your claim and, if necessary, we know how and when to request reviews of formal hearing decisions.

At Goff Law Group, we know that you probably have never had to go through this process before—but we have. We know how the system works, and we know how to effectively present your case in our efforts to secure the rightful benefits you are owed.

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If you are having any difficulty with your workers’ compensation claim or wish to appeal a denied claim, don’t hesitate to reach out to our workers’ compensation lawyers in Hartford. We have several office locations and serve clients throughout the state of Connecticut in all types of workers’ compensation matters. We offer contingency fees, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses for you when you work with us, and we have a proven track record of success in 99% of the cases we have handled.

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  • Commercial Vehicle Accident


    Woman injured her leg as a result of being struck by a commercial vehicle.

  • Workplace Injury


    Man sustained an injury to his foot at work and required surgery.

  • Head Injury


    Client was in a bar fight resulting in a head injury.

  • Workplace Injury


    Workers’ compensation case involving a back injury.

  • Premises Liability


    Man slipped and fell on ice and snow and broke his ankle.

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