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    Connecticut Construction Accident Lawyers

    Representing Construction Workers Throughout Connecticut

    Construction workers endure tough conditions and work hard, day in and day out, to build homes and facilities that keep our cities thriving. Construction sites can be extremely dangerous, even for highly trained and skilled workers who know their way around.

    If you or a loved one suffered a construction accident-related injury in Connecticut, the impact on your life can be devastating. These types of accidents are responsible for some of the most catastrophic injuries that can change your life in the blink of an eye.

    You deserve to seek justice in the form of compensation. The Hartford construction accident attorneys at Goff Law Group - West Hartford can help you file your workers’ compensation claim, appeal a denied claim, or pursue a third-party liability claim. Our team is ready to guide and support you through the process. Remember: you don’t have to go through the construction accident claims process alone. Our attorneys are always here to help.

    To talk to our team about your case during a free consultation, please call us at 203-399-0000 or contact us online today.

    Types of Construction Accidents

    With so many dangerous tools, large pieces of machinery, and hazardous conditions, construction sites are rife with accidents.

    Construction accidents are commonly caused by:

    • Equipment malfunctions
    • Exposure to dangerous substances
    • OSHA violations
    • Defective tools and equipment
    • Site owner/employer negligence
    • Slip and falls
    • Negligent hiring

    Whether your accident was caused by a defective tool or an employer’s failure to maintain a safe work environment, you have the right to seek the compensation you need in the wake of your accident.

    We Have Extensive Experience with Workers’ Compensation Claims

    The workers’ compensation system was created to help workers recover from injuries suffered on the job. A serious construction-related injury often leaves the victim out of work as they struggle to cope with mounting medical bills and other expenses. Workers’ compensation benefits can help with all of this.

    Workers’ compensation benefits are meant to cover:

    • Medical expenses
    • Hospital bills
    • Lost wages
    • Temporary/permanent disability

    In the event that your family member or loved one died in a construction accident, you may also be able to seek wrongful death benefits.

    At Goff Law Group, we know that filing a workers’ compensation claim or a lawsuit against an employer can be daunting. Our Hartford construction accident attorneys strive to make the process simple and stress-free by handling the claim and the legal work on your behalf. We have extensive experience handling these kinds of cases and can put that experience to work for you.

    Trust your case to Goff Law Group

    With a 99% success rate, Goff Law Group has a proven track record of helping clients in Connecticut obtain the compensation they need to move on from a serious construction accident. We put our clients first and are available to serve you 24/7. Your attorney is just a text or email away at all times. With offices in Hartford, Stamford, New Haven, and Shelton, we can assist clients throughout the state of Connecticut.

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